Mayland Amateur Radio Club  Christmas Dinner

   A team is working on a Christmas meal to be held at the Dispensary on
Upper Street in Spruce Pine on Thurs, Dec 13 from 6:30 to 9:30 PM

    The meal will be catered by Karla Byrd Buchanan

2 meats- Herb Grilled Chicken & Roast Beef 

2 veggies - Green Beans & Steamed Broccoli 

  Baked Potato & Baked Sweet Potatoes  / with condiments

2 Desserts – Chocolate Cheesecake & Cherry Pie

The Dispensary is a membership club, but for the party you will not have
to register; they do ask that you sign in.

 They do have a large selection of music available for dancing so we will be
able to cut a rug or linoleum if we desire.


The cost is based on approximately 30 attendees and is currently set at $15.00

 There is a cleanup fee of $75.00 that we will distribute among the attendees.

As one payment option, there is a Go Fund Me Page:

If you choose to use the gofundme page the fees will be as follows:

1.       $15.00 meal charge per person

2.       $1.50 gofundme process fee per person (i.e. if it is a party of 2 then it would be 3.00)

3.       $3.50 Clean up fee per person

So if you use gofundme, then the cost per person is $20.00.


If you mail me a check, then it is $18.50 per person.
Mail to: Eric W. Davenport 335 Wilson Knob Road, Bakersville, North Carolina 28705


 Attendance must confirmed by Dec 7.

 Please confirm attendance to  Dave Houser  as soon as possible.

 If you have an issue with menu contact Eric Davenport
 or Debbie Anderson as soon as possible.